August 16, 2022

Succinic acid production from winery by-products

Succinic acid production from vine shoots and surplus grape must.
June 9, 2022

Methane production from fermented broth of vine shoots

A microbial electrolysis cell integrated in an anaerobic digestion system (MEC-AD) was efficient cto produce methane from an exhausted vine shoot fermentation broth.
December 7, 2021

Lactic acid from winery byproducts

Lactic acid production from vine shoots and wine lees.
July 13, 2021

Mannitol from winery surplus

Mannitol production from surplus grape must and wine lees.
June 4, 2021

Butanol from pruned vine shoots

Butanol production by fermentation from pruned vine shoots.
June 3, 2021

Inventory of winery wastes in Castile and León (Spain)

Inventory of winery biomass resources in Castile and León.
June 2, 2021

Xylitol production

Research on the use of winery wastes to produce xylitol.
April 14, 2021

Biogas production

Use of the exhausted broth from vine shoots fermentation as a substrate for anaerobic digestion.
April 12, 2021

Microbial electrolysis cells

Use of microbial electrolysis cells (MEC) for the degradation of vine shoot fermentation residues.
April 7, 2021

Inventory of winery residues in Portugal

Inventory, characterisation and prospection of valuable biomass resources in target areas (North and Centre of Portugal).
March 4, 2021

Erythritol production from grape must

Use of surplus grape must to produce erythritol by biological processes successfully.